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How to Invest in the Customer Experience

Before I start getting into the topic at hand, let me first address the title of this post because there is one word that I would like to point out - EXPERIENCE.

One of the most important things to keep in mind being a photographer is you need to invest in the customer EXPERIENCE. Remember it isn't about you, it's all about your client. Essentially, they are not only paying for time and talent, but also an experience to go along with the process of getting their images taken.

With that being said, make sure you know your client. This is super important! SUPER SUPER SUPER important! All the magic happens in the consultation process.

Are you shooting a newborn session?

What are you asking mom? Are you finding out when her due date is? How about if she has any kids? What is she looking for in her images? Where are they going to be displayed? Is she giving them to someone? What clothes will be worn? Will they go along with the set or where you are shooting? Which reminds me, did you discuss where you are taking the photos? Are they going to be at a selected location, or in your client's home?

These are all really important questions to ask. Gathering this information helps her to make decisions when it comes time to purchase prints and digital media.

Which brings me to my next point. Make sure you don't leave your client hanging!!! This is so important to make sure they know all their options. It can be really stressful for them to figure all this out. So make sure you are there to help them every step of the way. Make sure you are educating your client based on what you learned in the first step.

Lastly, shoot with intent. Now you know everything you need to know. What you do with this new information is your up to you, but you better use it purposefully! Have a plan when going into a shoot. Make sure you are capturing what your client is looking for. Every session should be designed around the needs of your client. As I've stressed so many times, consultations are so very important.

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