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My Photography Style

As you probably figured out, this blog post is about my photography style. This is something that I've really started to define over the past year by creating a style that I can call my own. So if you asked me specifically what my photography style was, I would tell you that I define my photography style as..

Crisp and Clean, Bright and Sharp, Color Pop

I would also define my style as not over editing images; I really don't care for the over edited look. This especially is true when it comes to touching up skin in portraits. Unless my client specifically requests 100% smoothened out skin, I won't ever go Photoshop crazy. I do however balance the whites and blacks of an image to maximize the color pop of the image. Color pop is also achieved by adjusting both the hue, but mainly the saturation of my images.

Truly, these are the kind of images that make me the happiest when I look at them. I also find that my eye is more attracted towards these types of images, and most importantly, these are the types of images my clients love. By combining what I like, and what my client's love, I was able to develop my photography style.

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