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Let's Talk About Growth

Let's take a moment to talk about habit-forming because it seems to be a HOT topic this time of year.

Step One- Write whatever it is you are trying to do down.

Step Two- Make a list of everything that will help you consistently show up for this habit.

For example- "I want to journal more"

Things on my list- Have a dedicated notebook, use a pen I love, light a candle, journal before I go to sleep, wear fuzzy socks when doing it, listen to background music like Disney piano.

Don't just tell yourself you want to make a change. Show yourself the STEPS YOU need to take in order to get it done. What is going to make you more likely to do this habit? Write those things down. Those "things" are triggers that will help you move forward with establishing your habit.


What is something you are trying to change this year?


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Thank you for supporting xo, Jennifer


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