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Newborn Studio Sessions What To Expect

I’ve been receiving a lot of booking process questions from my clients lately, so I thought I would make a post outlining this entire process so you know what to expect, when I recommend booking, and how we select your session date. I don’t want there to be any anxiety around scheduling your session with me, so hopefully this post can answer all of your questions ❤️

When To Book

First, we need to get your session booked, and the best time to book is I always say, the sooner the better. You will also want to keep in mind if you want to do a maternity session, or if you are just interested in newborn photos, that’s great too! Maternity sessions take place between the 30-35 week mark.

Some moms will reach out to me before they know their due date, and some will reach out to me after. If you reach out to me before you know, that’s okay! Just let me know once you know what your due date is. This is the date that acts as a placeholder for your session.

Once you welcome your little one into the world, just reach out, and we will select a final session date. I try to photograph little ones within 14 days of birth (right between 7 to 14 days). This is when they are the sleepiest, and also like being curled up into those womb like poses that we love to see!

How to Book

Booking can be done through my website, email, or social media. Just reach out, and I will direct you in the right direction!

The Booking Process

Once you are ready to move forward with me as your photographer, there are a few things I need from you. First, your email address so I can send over some additional information.

You will receive-

- A What To Expect Guide

Which will go over all the details of your session, what to bring with, when you should feed your baby, how you should dress him or her; things like that.

- A short Q&A form to fill out

This form helps me to pull all the materials, wraps, blankets, backdrops, props, etc for your session. I want to make sure I capture your vision, and use all the colors you love during your session.

- Contract for Photography Services

If your session is an outdoor session, I will send this form over to you. Otherwise, if I will see you at my studio, I will print this form and have you sign it while you are here.

Also, I ask you send any questions or any inspo photos you have over to me. I promise we will create our own unique version of the image.

Baby Arrives!

Helllllllo Little One!

And at last, your little one has entered the world! However we have been communicating whether that’s been through texting or Facebook messenger or email, just reach out letting me know :) I will ask when you want to book your session, give you some options, and work that out with you at that time.

I try my best to make this an easy relaxing process so if you have any questions at all for me, always reach out and ask!

And lastly, we have your session!

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