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The Single KEY To Be More Productive

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It starts with your morning.

And I'm going to try to remove as much fluff to this post as possible because this is about GETTING WORK DONE.

Wake Up One Full Hour Before The Rest Of Your House

This has been LIFE CHANGING for me. The amount of work I can get done before the rest of my house wakes up is crazy awesome! I love waking up early, even though if I'm being honest with you it doesn't happen all the time. But when I do, I ALWAYS feel so much better at the end of my day knowing I didn't waste those hours sleeping in.

Don't Hit Snooze & Don't Have A Second Alarm

Make sure when your alarm goes off, get up right away. Don't hit snooze, and don't have a second alarm that you can rely on. This is so important!!! Otherwise, you will just go back to sleep because you know you can get that extra 15 minutes of sleep. 

Get Moving

Get up, open your blinds, let that sun in. Get your mini morning routine done. Head to the bathroom, brush your teeth, shower, get changed.  If you like to work out in the morning, then do that. Build it into your schedule. This is different for everyone, so I'm not going to tell you what to do here. The only important part is you get moving. Wake that body up!

Your First Task Of The Day

Do something that makes you happy. The key here is you need to do something that makes YOU happy. Maybe you like to meditate or read. Just do something not work-related as your first task. My happy morning thing.... is.... eggs. Yeah, I know it's not too sexy, but I love making eggs in the morning and having a me moment before I start my day. I don't do formal meditation in the morning, I just like to sit quietly in my kitchen and gather my thoughts and get excited for what the day will bring me. 

Prep Your Work Space

Make sure the space you are working in is the right one. For me, I hate clutter, and I hate it when too much is on my desk. So the first thing I do is remove any distractions from my workspace. I either move anything I don't need or am not using to another room and put it away in a drawer. Sometimes I light a candle or run my scent warmer or aroma diffuser. I just try to add things that fit my mood that day and helps to put me in the zone. Maybe you like listening to background music. Find that something for you. 

Get Work Done 

Lastly, get shit done. Okay sorry, I just had to.

But really, start getting your projects and tasks done. Start with your biggest project, then move onto another one or do some tasks in between. Just make sure once you start a task, that you finish it. And don't let anything distract you between. This is the key to running a successful business. You need to be PRODUCTIVE with your time, and ASSIGN your TIME PURPOSE.

Being "busy" is such an annoying word to me.

You hear it all the time, and people are either A. whining about it or B. using it as this glorified way of saying I have so much going on in my life. Essentially, it's an excuse. Either way you look at it. It's an excuse for... at the end of the day... not truly being productive.

So next time someone asks you what you have going on... don't respond by saying "I've been busy." Respond by telling them what you have been doing to be productive. How you are transforming your life. How you see CHANGE and how you create OPPORTUNITIES for yourself by being productive. Okay, maybe that might be a little extreme. But really. Talk to people about how lifestyle changes can have such a great impact on your life. Don't give them the one-liner response. Engage and talk to them about what's going on in your life. Because your friends and family are genuinely interested. So how do we make this change you may ask? Simply put, you just do it. There's nothing sexy about getting up earlier than you want to. But this is the key to being productive. It's to just DO IT. If you set aside time to GET THINGS DONE you are already one step ahead of everyone else. Now you are assigning purpose to this time; specifically to accomplish tasks and projects. And you are well on your way to BUILDING your business.



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