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The Two-Step Process To Get More Done

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There's a lot of buzz happening this time of year. 

"2021 is going to be my year"

"2021 is going to be the best year yet"

"2021 is __________"

Yes, the start of the New Year represents change, motivation, and opportunity for lots of people. But the new car feeling will shortly wear off by the end of the month if you don't have a PLAN in place.

This is where I want to come in. Getting you ORGANIZED so you can have DIRECTION and PURPOSE. I want to see you be SUCCESSFUL, and the only way to do that is to have the tools in order to put yourself in a position to obtain success.

This blog post is going to focus on TASKS/PROJECTS and ACTION PLANS.

All you hear about during the first month of a new year is two things... goals and resolutions.

But goals and resolutions don't lead to anything unless you have a plan. "I want to make x amount of money this month"... well how are you going to do that?

See what I'm saying.

You need to take actionable steps in order to reach these goals and fulfill resolutions. So let's focus on a SYSTEM how to complete your tasks and plans for yourself this year. Let's implement some change

To- Do Lists (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) *TASKS & PROJECTS*

The first thing you have to do is identify what your tasks and projects are. Write them down.

This is my process- I first do a "brain dump."

On a sheet of paper, I just write down all the things I want to get done or have to. Most of the time, this happens right before I go to bed, to help me clear my mind and fall asleep. Which, if you don't already have a notepad next to your bed then I would highly recommend getting one.

Project Examples Editing A Client's Gallery, Updating Website, Meeting A Client For Consultation Meeting, Taking/Making Content For Social, Getting Studio Ready For Client Session, Getting A Gallery/Sneak Peek Ready

Task Examples Answering Emails, Posting To Instagram or Page, Working On Marketing Material, Writing Blog Post, Sending Off Consultation Forms, Posting A Sneak Peek For A Client, Emailing/Calling Prospective Clients

*figure out what the tasks and projects are in your life*

So, in other words, projects take more time while tasks get done relatively quickly.

Next, I organize these tasks and projects into two lists.

You want to be able to either cross off things, or create a system to fill in the bubble to show if you completed, or are still working on these tasks and projects. You can use the fill in the bubble method; personally I like using highlighters to cross off tasks that I complete or move. To be honest, it just makes things more fun and colorful.

I use this method for daily and weekly TASKS. I have a separate list for my monthly and yearly GOALS.

My monthly and yearly goals don't go here because these to me are just... goals and resolutions. Be very aware of this. Your daily and weekly TASKS will lead you to reach your monthly and yearly GOALS.

Now I'm going to show you how to organize all these things into an organized action plan.

Calendar Organization *ACTION PLAN*

The method I want you to use is calendar blocking.

This is how I organize all of my tasks and projects. Essentially, you block off a chunk of time in your schedule that you are dedicating to getting a specific task or project done. You are ORGANIZING your tasks and projects into an ACTION PLAN.

If I can ASSIGN a monthly goal to a month, then I'll block it into my calendar by placing it at the top as an all-day task. Calendar Blocking Is Great Because You can track your progress. You ASSIGN PURPOSE to GOALS by making them TASKS and PROJECTS which are placed into a space where you can ACCOMPLISH them.

By assigning them PURPOSE, they carry RELEVANCY. They aren't just floating around in your mind, waiting to get done. If you have to move something, it's super easy. Things come up! The motivation is so REAL when you can look back and SEE everything you got done.

Where Do I Calendar Block?

There are two obvious answers; a physical calendar or a digital calendar. And the right answer is; whatever works best for you.

Personally... I use both.

My tasks and projects go into a physical calendar that I can highlight and cross things off of, and my blocking (action plan) goes into my Google Calendar. Tasks and projects can be messy and unorganized until you assign them purpose and put them into a blocking system. So for that reason, I like to brain dump and be messy, move things around and play with ideas, then once I ready to commit to getting the task/project done, I put it in my digital calendar.

My physical calendar is full of sticky notes and random pieces of paper. If I write an idea down somewhere (like in my bed) the next morning I shove it into my planner. This planner acts like my TO DO LIST. The first step of the process before I BLOCK it into my schedule which happens on the digital calendar.

And that's it! My two-step process to get more done within my business.

If you have any questions for me, please, ask away!

That's what I'm here for! xo, Jennifer



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