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Come join my community

As an artist and a teacher, I want to be able to provide you with exclusive content, all in one place. More specifically, I want you to have resources that you will actually, and apply to your business. I also will be sharing my tips and tricks for everything within my photography business. This is an unfiltered spaced, and I truly want to see you be successful.


My Patreon Page is set up as a mentoring page, but it’s also packed with useful resources that other photographers have requested, or asked questions about.


My page was created after years of mentoring other photographers 1 on 1, but now I’ve taken all those resources, and put them there for you to use. Instead of uploading these resources individually in my store on my website, I rather upload them in one place (for one fee) so you have access to everything all in one spot.


Some photographers come here for the mentoring, and have added value accessing these resources. Some photographers come specifically for the resources, and the mentoring is a bonus. I just want my resources and mentoring all in one place for you. So whichever you came here for, I want you to have access to it <3


So what’s all included in my Patreon page??? Well here are some bullet points with what you can expect to find over there-


  • Connect with fellow Patrons within my private community.


  • Monthly check-in's to keep you focused and motivated. At the end of every month I will be providing a post where you can privately submit questions, photos (what am I doing wrong?, how can I improve my posing?, what’s wrong with my lighting?), and I will get back to you with either a video or message. Details will be within those posts.


  • Gain access to videos that will help improve your photography skills; full of tips and advice.


  • You will have direct access to actions, presets, and artwork that I use in my own photos to add artistic and creative value to your work. Also, Canva documents that are documents I use within my own business. I don’t want to just give you a template but instead something you can modify and add changes in order to make it your own so it fits your business.


Topics will change based on the development of this community because I want to serve you with the most relevant information possible that will help you <3


Your feedback is always welcome and wanted. I want to make sure this Patreon is PACKED with useful information. Just tell me what you want! No seriously, let me know!


xo, Jennifer

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